About Michelle Dean

I’m an aspiring legal scholar who works on constitutional law in the digital age, with a lot of legal, political and cultural theory thrown in there.

I’m currently working on an L.L.M. at the University of Toronto, where my thesis is broadly focused on blogging and the nature of freedom of expression.

With any luck I’ll get to do a doctorate this fall, working on more general questions of constitutionalism and the internet.

I’m particularly interested in this broad argument about the potential of digital culture to build better democratic structures and principles – I’d say I’m both skeptical and hopeful about that.

I was, for awhile, a lawyer in New York at a big anonymous firm doing work that more or less met that description too.  I’ve also written some things, mostly on culture and feminism, elsewhere on the internet, that I’ll add links to later.

This blog is going to be an exclusive space for nerdery about the Internet, though.

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